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There is nothing like the exhilaration and thrill of being in a luxury car. The craft, power, speed, and influential image it creates are unforgettable. Having the right vehicle for the right occasion can make a powerful impression or create a long-lasting memory.


At Sapphire Executive Travel, we provide luxury car rentals for special events. From arriving in style for a special day to creating a lasting first impression for your clients, your perfect vehicle is available in our high-end luxury and exotic car fleet.


Our luxury and exotic cars fleet includes Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Rolls Royce. Each vehicle is chosen for its style, power, and sophistication, selected from the largest in-house fleet anywhere in Houston.


Explore our fleet for your perfect luxury car choice.


client receiving keys of rent vehicle from manager

Luxury Car Rental Services Houston

Whether you plan to take the wheel or relax as you are chauffeured to your destination, we’ve got you covered. At Sapphire Travel Services, our mission is to deliver exceptional service and fantastic memories of traveling in the best cars available on the planet.

Our exclusive luxury car rentals are ideal for red-carpet events, impressing clients, or your wedding day. 

Some of the luxury car rental services available include:

       Luxury and exotic car rentals

       Private transportation

       Chauffeur services for business trips or special occasions

       Photoshoot and music video exotic car rentals

       Wedding day/car getaway services

Whatever your needs, we can provide you with the perfect vehicle. Our rental process is quick and easy so that you can be on the road quickly!

Luxury As Standard

Here at Sapphire Executive Travel, we love helping to create unforgettable travel experiences. As the leading exotic car rental services
company in Houston, we make your dreams come true by providing premium cars and services whenever needed.


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